GPS jammers can affect the occurrence of safety accidents

Russia rejected Israel’s proposal to install a GPS jammer at Ben Gurion Airport to interfere with GPS signals.

Since the beginning of June, the airport’s GPS signal has been unreliable for pilots and aircraft using this location.

The Israeli Airport Authority said the lack of navigation data had a “significant impact” on airport operations.

The Russian ambassador to Israel said that this allegation is “fake news” and cannot be “taken seriously.”

signal source
Airport authorities said the GPS Jammers did not cause any accidents or safety incidents. It added that pilots can use the alternate instrument landing system when approaching and landing.

It said: “This is a safe, professional method that is used every day in airports around the world.”

The agency added that the GPS issue only affects aircraft in the sky above the airport, not ground sensors.

It said it will continue to investigate the cause of this disease.
The Israeli Airline Pilots Association said the GPS issue was a “spoofing” attack that produced incorrect location data. This may mean that the receiver on the plane sometimes reports its position in miles from the actual position.

The BBC Monitoring Company said Israel’s IDF radio cited “high-level” sources and accused Russia of causing sustained damage.

This damage is related to the “electronic warfare system” used by Russia to protect its aircraft at the Syrian air base in Khmeim. The military base is located about 350 kilometers north of Ben Gurion.

Why is Russia in Syria?
Russia is one of Syria’s closest allies. The relationship between the two countries can be traced back decades.

Syria is of strategic importance to Russia. It has air bases and naval bases in the country.

In 2015, when Syria was fighting insurgents, Russia launched an air campaign, which turned the tide of war to the Syrian regime.

Since then, Russia has continued its air offensive, helping pro-government forces drive the rebels out of the country, and tie them to the northwest of Idlib, the last province under its control.

However, aircraft belonging to the U.S.-led anti-Islamic State group and aircraft regularly coming from Israel also fly in Syrian airspace. All parties must take special measures to avoid air crashes that may cause serious consequences.

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