Mr. A, who commuted to work on a crowded train for nearly an hour, was disgusted by unmanned calls on the train, and bought a commercially available mobile phone radio wave shielding device for 1,850 yen. The applicable range is 4 meters, which has sufficient performance according to different applications.… Continue Reading Mobile phone jammers are advanced high-tech products

The radio waves used to interfere with smartphones and cell phones appear to be installed about 40 meters above the ground, such as the roofs of buildings and steel towers. Speaking of 40 meters above the ground, its height is about 13 floors. Moreover, the radio waves emitted by such… Continue Reading WiFi jammer blocks radio waves

Today’s scientifically powerful society is full of electromagnetic radiation. Due to the rapid development of the economy and society, the pace of informatization continues to accelerate, and wireless communication technology has been significantly applied in all fields of society. It makes people’s lives more efficient, more popular, and more fulfilling.… Continue Reading Will mobile phone jammer radiation affect the human body?

With the rapid advancement of scientific power, there are more and more cases of cheating using wireless communication devices such as wireless headsets and mobile terminals (including smartphones) every time “life-related exams”. Due to this phenomenon, test organizers are using various methods, but today I want to introduce you to… Continue Reading Mobile jammers are very effective against cheating

At present, with the development of science and technology, undesirable phenomena emerge one after another. I use mobile phones in my daily life. However, many students use mobile phones, leading to poor grades. Some students secretly use mobile phones in class. If he finds a teacher, he thinks, he will… Continue Reading Mobile jammer prevents pranks

The modern information age is developing rapidly. There are problems with wireless communication security. The confidentiality and security of economic information and scientific and technological information are being challenged by various stakeholders at home and abroad. Mobile phone jammers are very important equipment under modern information technology. It is prohibited… Continue Reading Mobile phone jammer shields electromagnetic waves

The mobile phone jammer should be on the ground. It will be used according to the instruction manual. You can buy with confidence. All products have passed the evaluation and certification of the National Security Technology Center. Suppress cell phone signal. Effectively protect your information. Smart phones have advantages and… Continue Reading Mobile jammers can be widely used

Today’s cell phone signals exist in many places. All electrical equipment is surrounded by them. If you don’t use a mobile phone, the impact of other electrical equipment will be minimized. If you do not have a mobile phone, there is no data communication between your mobile phone and the… Continue Reading Mobile jammer is a very mature technology

When the phone battery is activated, it will generate enough energy when it rings. It may cause a fire. The safety-related part prohibits the use of mobile phones at gas stations. The introduction time is long, and the effect is not ideal. The gas station equipment is controlled by a… Continue Reading GPS jammers sometimes organize cell phone signals

Interfering devices that suppress communication emit interference radio waves in the same frequency band used by mobile phones and PHS, and prevent you from using it by deteriorating the radio wave conditions received by mobile phones, mobile phones, etc. around the device. After installing this device, the mobile phone and… Continue Reading Mobile jammers reduce reliance on electronic devices