Use cell phone jammers to prevent eavesdropping

After the mobile cell phone jammer is turned on, the area covered by the shielding signal it sends usually ranges from tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters, while some high-power mobile phone jammers can cover thousands of square meters. , otherwise the mobile phone signal within a radius of several hundred meters will be blocked. However, there are always some customers who, for various reasons, always hope that the mobile phone shielding equipment they buy and use can expand the coverage of the shielded signal, or they expect to find some methods to make the shielding effect of the mobile phone shielding equipment. Get a big boost.

The first aspect is to analyze from the mobile phone jammer itself. For example, whether the mobile phone jammer is a qualified product of a regular manufacturer, whether its working frequency band is completely correct, and whether it has a frequency bandwidth. Too wide, resulting in lower average output power? Is the frequency band division of mobile phone jammers reasonable? Are there overcombined frequency bands? Is the gain value of the antenna an ideal match for the cell phone shield? If the gain of the antenna is only 1-2dB, then the shielding effect will be significantly improved by replacing the antenna with a gain value of 3-5dB.

Information is very developed now. The information intercepted by many people will soon be known, causing panic. Many people worry about whether they have been intercepted, so they need to investigate as soon as possible, and interception will affect the security of personal information and their own behavior. great influence. But if you want to know if you’re being watched, you can’t see it with the naked eye. You need professional equipment to detect it. Anti-eavesdropping detection is a modern professional equipment. However, you should also take care to use this device correctly

The correct use of anti-eavesdropping detection actually depends on different anti-eavesdropping devices, wired and wireless, large and small. Generally speaking, wired anti-eavesdropping devices can be used in ordinary environments, because there are fewer sources of interference to the device signal and the security settings are not very good. Generally speaking, as long as professionals operate the equipment, they are better able to spot the wrong location. Therefore, attention should be paid to the operation of using the method correctly.

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