Jammers are illegal in Canada

The computer is the same as the previous computer in Berlin, as long as 11 mobile phones can weaken the Berlin network. The scientist said: “You can respond to all paging requests and block the moving area.” This affects the entire community. However, more calls are needed during peak hours to meet the demands of more disruptive providers. Attackers can cover an area of ​​200 square kilometers on average in Berlin. Mobile cell phone jammer are hard to find. Researchers say that the only way to prevent such attacks is to change the GSM standard. These will be difficult to implement. They complain that the industry refuses to add new standards to existing networks. As more authentication and traffic can resolve this vulnerability, it will also be expensive. Since attacks are not only targeted at network operators and organizations, but also individual users, they may cause further financial losses when security breaches occur.

The federal government will announce tomorrow that a 90-day consultation period will begin in April to solicit opinions from Canadians on the use of silencers on mobile phones. These devices are called cell phone jammers and combine a series of technologies that can be deactivated when the phone is turned on, or automatically switch from sound mode to vibration mode during a call. Jammers are illegal in Canada. In addition to being used by law enforcement and security officials, it may be popular among operators of restaurants, movie theaters, and other large public gatherings. They may also be useful in areas where cell phones and walkie-talkies may pose a threat to public safety, such as offices. B. In airports where wireless signals may interfere with communications. They may also affect the operation of hospital equipment such as incubators, defibrillators and heart monitors. Terrorists use mobile phones to remotely detonate bombs.

The next-generation tracking device does not need to rely on the strength of the GSM signal, but sends very short radio signals at random frequencies through Sigfox’s global Internet of Things network, and has low power consumption. Thieves cannot use jamming devices to disable the signal, nor can they find devices with RF detectors. And the best part? Next-generation tracking devices are easier to install and maintain than previous devices, which means they not only work better, but are also cheaper. It only costs less than replacing a broken windshield, and you can rest assured that no matter how smart the car thief is, your vehicle tracking system is always smarter.

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