The mobile jammer sends a signal of the same frequency to the GSM modem

A mobile jammer is an instrument used to protect mobile phones from receiving signals. The mobile jammer sends signals of the same frequency to the GSM modem. If after activating the mobile phone jammer, if the mobile phone signal is disabled in a certain location, it means the jamming is successful. Dr. Bathinda SSP’s Nanak Singh said: “We are working on a proposal to provide the city’s traffic police with built-in cameras that can install WiFi.” SSP added that 100 cameras will be purchased initially at a price of approximately Rs 32. It takes about three to four months to launch in the city. SSP also said it will buy high-quality cameras. “We also plan to connect the cell phone jammer to the device so that the driver cannot get rid of the cell phone without paying the fee. Generally, it can be observed that traffic police who prevent violations from trying to call VIPs or people with political influence, and Ask the police to talk to them. This can even stop political interference while criminals are being challenged.

Privacy and security are getting more and more attention. New requirements are put forward for achieving safety goals in specific environments. A new type called anti-eavesdropping will be introduced. We manage the security of new equipment. You can ensure excellent management results. Achieve better results. It is also very good to improve the management level. You can use the monitor to quickly search for monitoring and video recording equipment. Prevent theft of secrets in the use area. When the device went on sale, it was attractive to businesses. Eavesdropping problems are common in enterprises. In the era of rapid Internet development, there are several high-tech monitoring devices. I can’t find a small listening device. You will suffer huge losses. There is a problem of secret disclosure. Many operating companies rely on the development of information technology. Since this is a secret leak, it may lead to a decline in overall competitiveness.

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