4g mobile phone jammer almost meets the wireless service requirements of all users

4G 3G and WLAN are integrated together, which can transmit fast and high-quality data, audio, video and pictures. 4G can be downloaded at a speed exceeding 100 Mbps, and home ADSL ($4 billion) is currently 25 times faster than broadband, and can meet the wireless service requirements of almost all users; in addition, 4G DSL modems and cable TV cannot cover it. In the case of deployment area, it is clear that 4G has advantages. The birth of 4G / LTE provides users with faster access speeds. In fact, it is many times faster than 3G networks. It is not easy to want a remote 4G mobile cell phone jammer.

Russia’s advanced jamming technology and electronic warfare capabilities are well known. The conflict in eastern Ukraine allowed the separatists supported by Russia to benefit from Russia’s capabilities and support, and the Ukrainian armed forces gave the U.S. armed forces a unique view of Russia’s capabilities. It is unclear whether the US system may have similar capabilities, or whether the US system has been sufficiently strengthened to deal with the blockade. Although Hodges commented on the ability of the United States to reach Russia in Eastern Europe, the US military told C4ISRNET that it could not comment on its visit to Ukraine in western Ukraine.

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