Cell phone jammers can block cell phone signals

It’s even more disturbing if you hear the word mobile. I think you know them because they are very common. When there are comments or important meetings. The product is turned on. This cell phone jammer can block cell phone signals. After installation, there is no signal in the phone. Yesterday I read a message saying that a university has installed a cell phone jammer because many students use their phones to play games or surf the Internet. Many people agree with this, while others disagree. When I read the news, I was surprised. When I was in college, the times changed and there was no mobile phone. If we meet another friend at another school, we need to write a letter or call their dormitory number.

Any device that blocks GPS signals by interfering with radio frequency signals is illegal and cannot be sold or used in the United States unless it has limited government authorization. Because it is difficult to determine the operation of the device through advertising, if you have any questions, you must contact the FCC law enforcement agency. If the radio transmitting equipment is not authorized by the FCC or is not affixed with an FCC ID number, it cannot be used legally.

Last year’s terrorist attacks and planned exercises on the Suez Canal highlighted the continuing threat to the maritime sector that continued deliberate attacks of any kind. The attacks on September 11, 2001, the previous year’s USS Cole and the next year’s USS Limburg were attacked, marking the beginning of a new era of world attention, especially to the global shipping industry. In recent years, we have been reminded that our various types of ports, docks, oil rigs and ships are not only vulnerable to deliberate attacks, but are also vulnerable to natural events, accidents and accidents, and other unintentional behaviors.

GPS Jammers have many frequency bands on GPS locators, but the most famous one is L1 (extended civilian use). There are other 4 frequency bands on GPS frequency for police, military, government and scientific research. GPS jamming devices are mainly used to avoid being tracked by GPS locators or to avoid being monitored by third parties who may know our activities at any time. Nowadays, it is easy to find spyware that can be easily installed on a mobile phone to monitor the location in real time. The GPS tracking system allows them to record our activities, the insurance company can monitor the usage of the car, the fleet control system can display your location at any time and many other uses related to location control to monitor your vehicle. And mobile satellite communication.

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