Disruptors keep the meeting in order

We need to keep the content of the meeting confidential. You need to know that important meetings in this country will last for several days, and mobile phones are banned. They are surrounded by multiple jammers, so you cannot interrupt the outside world. It is not only a national meeting, but also adopted by many company meetings, such as banning the use of mobile phones and gradually installing mobile phone blocking programs. If the phone’s ringtone interrupts the speaker’s thoughts at an important meeting, it will distract the attendees and make him feel confused. It is impolite to ring important bells on mobile phones in conference rooms, so in many previous meetings, the use of mobile phones in the increasingly mobile era of the Internet era prohibits increasingly clear regulations.

Of course, this seems difficult. It is said that in certain cities where the use of devices that emit radio waves (such as mobile phones and routers) is prohibited, the American people are vulnerable to electromagnetic waves. It may be necessary to establish cities in cities where the use of radio waves is prohibited. Or why not buy and build something like a soundproof box, and paste materials that block electromagnetic waves inside or outside the box? By the way, electromagnetic waves have an “ionization effect” that can generate positive and negative charges on the material it strikes. Therefore, the radio can listen to music, and the TV antenna will generate electricity. Through amplification, you can watch news and dramas on the LCD screen. It seems that human nerves are transmitted through electrical signals. Allergies such as wheat allergy and egg allergies may also be caused by detecting electrical signals generated by substances passing through nerves and to the brain. The brain of ordinary people may ignore electrical signals, but the brain of allergic people may be sensitive and even die.

With the function of adjusting the cut-off intensity of the radio wave, we have equipped each antenna with an independent power supply and a radio wave adjustment button. Therefore, if the radio wave does not want the radio wave and the customer you want to block is set as an individual, it allows you to get the broadcast. cell phone blocker If the mobile phone emits interference waves of the frequency used, it will interfere with the communication of the mobile phone, so it can reliably prevent the ringing of all mobile phones in the venue. However, it cannot prevent an alarm from a mobile phone that does not require communication. For the same reason, similar effects are expected in hospitals that require quiet rest. In addition, when strict protection of confidential information is required in a data center or the like, communication with the outside can be blocked and information leakage can be prevented.

As a woman, do you or the people around you have stalking behavior? Have you seen such news? Today, the development of technology has brought many conveniences to our lives, but it also provides opportunities for bad guys and criminals. We often see such social news on the Internet and newspapers. I don’t have that kind of experience, but of course I have seen a lot of similar news. A man in Nagoya City was arrested by the Aichi prefectural police in late February on suspicion of violating the Stalker Control Law, saying that he had installed a satellite positioning system (GPS) device on an acquaintance’s car and monitored his behavior. The man asked the police that he “likes women” and accepted the charges. According to media reports, from September last year to February this year, it seems that a man secretly installed a GPS device in a female light car. He met and watched it online, and an Internet bulletin board monitored her behavior. I am publishing.

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