Jammer prevents illegal tracking

In today’s highly developed communication technology, people can see electronic devices everywhere when they go out. These intelligent humanized products make our life, study and work more convenient. However, where you do not need or reject electronic products, you may encounter trouble because the electronic products are not in time. For example, in a quiet hospital, the phone rang suddenly. In addition to the movie itself, some people use mobile phones in movie theaters without lights. At the concert, everyone likes the spectacle of musical instruments. I forgot to turn off the ringtone of a person’s cell phone. This beautiful thing is on the road. There are many similar situations.

If you want to block GPS, you can enter an underground parking lot or a multi-storey parking lot, but if you know there is no GPS starting point, the company will ask you “where are you now” and answer. Remember, if you don’t have one, you will be fired. It is illegal again. Some people say that people should have the right to buy GPS Jammers, and VIP people will prevent illegal tracking through these products. The freight industry always uses GPS trackers to perform their work, but the presence of mobile phone jammers prevents them from monitoring their bosses. One of the tools of criminals (I will not expand here). For prisoners abroad, they can escape the shackles of surveillance.

Networks allow people to access the Internet conveniently, but the problems they bring cannot be ignored. Wi-Fi interference radio sales not only have network access issues, but also network security issues. In order to maintain a good network environment, many places have begun to install this desktop wifi jammer. It is used in some places to protect network security and prevent network overuse. Radio jammers are widely used in all countries and regions in the world, and can be used in schools, prisons, libraries, reading rooms and gas stations.

The source said that these devices can monitor and interfere with the radio waves of the “drone”. However, since there are currently no regulations to regulate GPS jammers, it seems that there are many small jamming devices on the Internet, which can be used simply by plugging them into a cigar socket on the network. As you can see from the picture, the content seems very simple. Interference Interference makes it impossible to receive GPS signals, so encryption cannot be used. It may be more effective to wrap it around the antenna with aluminum foil so that it only receives signals from the sky.

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