Jammers can easily disrupt the enemy’s strategic deployment

In the northwest of Altaga, in the heart of the Sahel, terrorist attacks have increased in recent weeks. They will appear on the pickup as soon as possible after they disappear and severely damage the equipment installed in the vehicle. Large Diameter. In the melting pot, a joint escort of armored vehicles belonging to the regular forces of Operation Piguar disrupted the false peace of the desert. The pace is brisk and firm. Obviously not a routine operation. The goal is to find an armed terrorist organization consisting of several pickup trucks found within a range of tens of kilometers. At the head of the armored convoy, a lieutenant of the cavalry Celine. When she was 29, he commanded the convoy and coordinated the actions of various vehicles. Celine has 8 tanks and can respond to heavy blows. But first, we need to eliminate terrorist organizations and prevent them from communicating. Thales equipped three vehicles for electronic communications warfare: one for determining the direction of terrorist broadcasts and eavesdropping, and the other two for sabotage.

One goal: to find and confuse the enemy. Electronic communication warfare can intercept the enemy’s electromagnetic radiation in order to identify it, determine its location and confuse it. To meet this strategic need, Thales has developed a series of solutions, which are classified as Tactical Electronic Warfare Solutions (TEWS). TEWS is a complete and configurable answer based on the following conditions: sensors such as interceptors/goniometers can detect, identify and locate enemies, and cell phone jammer can interfere with your communication.

A software suite based on the KEYOBS suite with an automatic graphical user interface can simplify the use of data by users. Communication tools, used to exchange data between vehicles. Thales’ unique knowledge in all these areas provides the armed forces with real flexibility and enables automatic exchange of information. Each vehicle has its own characteristics. With the help of TEWS solutions, Thales can provide different types of electronic warfare vehicles according to its mission: The vehicle is equipped with a goniometer located in an area, and it uses a few meters high antenna to collect Signals emitted around. Set or stop the direction of the program while moving.

Interfering vehicles can launch electromagnetic attacks to isolate the enemy and isolate it from all communication methods.
The C2 vehicle (command and control) can control the mission and develop further according to the situation. Before each task, a preparation phase is essential to make it as efficient as possible. With the help of TEWS software in the KEYOBS suite, you can determine the best location for the scene or the interfering vehicle in order to best capture or destroy the enemy signal. These simulators integrate the terrain of the application area and take into account the limitations of the relief in the calculation. Benefiting from the element of surprise in the lieutenant’s convoy, Celine picked up the signal of the management and reconnaissance vehicle, which seemed to correspond to the two groups of mobile terrorists. You are direct.

how much do you have? What weapons do they benefit from? In order to get answers to these questions, cavalry officers need to visually confirm and request air support from the back seat to provide instructions to the identified groups. Shortly thereafter, a Pyguarge mobile drone flew over the desert in a humming sound. He used a camera to photograph the enemy marching north. There are two sets of three pickup trucks, each a few hundred meters apart, armed with machine guns. The location of the enemy is precisely defined. The terrorists are very close!

Lieutenant Celine then decided to put the jammer into action. A few minutes later, two vehicles dedicated to motorization were in place. Based on the detected information, they adjust the interference to make communication in the area impossible. At the same time, the young policewoman activated the armored vehicle. We must act quickly. In just a few minutes, the tank blocked the enemy in the bay with a 20mm cannon. Given their armor and firepower, terrorists are powerless, and they are more willing to lay down their weapons.

The element of surprise played a full role. The terrorists tried to reinforce and were given instructions… to no avail. After being arrested, soldiers from the Pyguarge unit will count their equipment. After the mission, the collected information and all the signals intercepted during the operation will be analyzed. They will enrich the military and secret service databases. In addition to other electronic jammer equipment, aircraft or increasingly unmanned aerial vehicles and other air cargo, TEWS solutions also support the armed forces at critical moments to prepare for missions, increase chances of success and limit the lives of soldiers.

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