The jammer can reliably inhibit the communication function of the mobile phone

Wireless LAN standards have become popular at a high speed and are unlikely to be interfered, but there are still many people using wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) with 802.11g standards in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. It is less likely that radio waves will not be received not only at home but also near adjacent houses such as adjacent houses. The wifi jammer found that it emits a strong broadband signal. It has been blocking the radio waves of the mobile phone. I want to know the ability to stop radio waves. The cellular phone deterrent device system prevents communication by transmitting weak radio waves with the same frequency as the radio waves of the notification information from the mobile base station, thereby making subsequent location registration and polling impossible. It is displayed as “service interrupted” and communication is prohibited. In order to provide a GPS jammer that can reliably inhibit the communication function of the mobile phone and easily meet the standards stipulated by the Japanese “Radio Law”, it is disturbing waves to be suppressed.

Regarding this issue, “the scope of the communication deterrent effect is limited to a specific space, and the space (concert hall, theater and theater, hereinafter referred to as “concert hall, etc.”) is not open to the public. It is necessary to protect by suppressing communications such as mobile phones Visitors to concert halls, etc., and to ensure the smooth progress of business. In concert halls, etc., mobile phones and other users should be prohibited from agreeing to prohibit communication. In this requirement, the installation location is “concert hall, theater, theater”, but it does not It will be judged whether the license is granted by the name of the facility, but will be displayed in the place where the experimental test station is established. It will be judged based on the content. For example, museums and libraries are places that usually need to be calm, but it is difficult to believe that the above requirements will be met Therefore, it is not allowed to establish a radio station. The license for the experimental test station can be for concert halls, theaters and theater operators, wireless equipment manufacturers and mobile phone operators. I said the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

If you don’t follow the law, don’t abuse it, you can use it as needed. After all, jammers have many advantages. Of course, under the constraints of laws and regulations, no one can touch the law. If you want to sleep peacefully, you should protect your privacy. For these purposes, portable cell phone blocker have been manufactured. An important advantage of a mobile jammer is that it can be carried everywhere in an inconspicuous place. You must keep up with all new technologies and equipment. A few years ago, I first heard of 3G mobile phones. 4G jammers can help solve such problems. As the number of electronic products increases, the inconvenience in daily life also increases. I believe many people have this kind of worry. In this case, buying a jammer may be a good choice. The headquarters is a store specializing in storing jamming devices.

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