Cell phone jammers prevent communication with the outside world

May restrict your use of your phone. WiFi blockers etc. seem to be easily available. Prevent communication with the outside world. You can prevent information leakage. , You can cut without notifying the other party. It is most recommended when you want a little peace. Ensure safety in many places. Maintain a peaceful environment. You really need a reliable site for these situations. This is a device that can help you solve many problems. It is a widely used cell phone jammer. It may also be affected by signal frequency. Everyone has a mobile phone. More and more people are using portable jammers to solve this problem. Easy to use on the go. You can choose which signal to block. You can easily determine the interference frequency band based on the actual situation. Always maintain good working conditions. This product is just one type of multifunctional mobile jammer.

You must first install the antenna according to the corresponding logo on the main unit, and then connect it to the main unit power supply. The correct location of the shielding should be carefully selected to avoid blind corners of the shielding, because the effective coverage of the shielding is the circular area surrounding the shielding. Communication suppression device Installed in a well-ventilated place to receive mobile GPS jammers must avoid the storage of large objects and avoid the use of strong electromagnetic sources to ensure long-term shielding effects and stable operation. No other items can be stacked when the protective cover is working. The antenna will prevent the shielding effect and may damage the machine. When the radio jammer is not in use, please turn it off to avoid affecting the normal use of the phone. When using the protective cover outdoors, be careful to avoid water ingress.

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