Don’t rely too much on jammers

Mobile phones are the most widely used electronic devices today, and our communication and entertainment depend to a large extent on them. This is an important tool. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of mobile phones has greatly improved the appearance and functions of mobile phones, which is pursued by many young people. Their fashion is very popular among young people. The use of mobile phones is also much less restricted, and you can see young people using mobile phones wherever they are. They are highly dependent on mobile phones, and highly dependent on mobile phones. They cannot get rid of the control of the phone. Looking at the phone while walking is dangerous and may cause a traffic accident. When driving, the act of watching the phone is even more dangerous. Compared with people who play mobile phone “high-power alarm cell phone jammer” in high-speed cars, cars are more difficult to control than people, and the consequences of accidents are very serious.

In the 2010 investigation of the highway jungle in Kentucky, 11 people were murdered. The NTSB has proposed to completely prohibit commercial drivers from using all cell phones, including hands-free devices. When the disaster hit, the driver of the huge trailer responsible for the disaster was on his phone. Information collected by the NTSB shows that in the hours before the disaster, the driver of the trailer often worked hard to write and speak. The NTSB recorded 69 text messages and phone calls from drivers who drove 24 hours before the disaster.

A signal jammer is an electronic device that can temporarily interrupt any interference range of a mobile phone signal sent from a base station at the same frequency. Therefore, telephone interference in normal use can be effectively avoided within the effective range. Historically, military and law enforcement agencies have often used cell phone signal interference or cell phone signal interference to stop or control cell phone communications in emergency or threat situations. With the passage of time, mobile phones have been used in almost all regions of the country, and more and more people are tired of private conversations with others, so more and more people are using mobile phones.

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