GPS jammers can affect the normal operation of drones

There is an old saying: Every family has problems, and the problems of parents and children still exist. It seems that parents and children will never be able to live in peace, because communication barriers among teenagers are becoming more and more obvious. There are many reasons for this. Especially with the advent of portable gsm jammers, the communication between parents and children has become less and more difficult. When they are young, they prefer to use their smartphones to play games instead of listening to your suggestions. The above happens not only in your family, but also in school. Due to the telephone, students and teachers were surrounded. Now you must come here to get help with signal interference.

Although GPS trackers have powerful functions, GPS trackers are mainly used to track and locate installed personnel. Criminals also use equipment that we can use. For some human crimes, it may threaten people’s lives and property. All things in the world based on the laws of nature led people to invent car GPS Jammers specifically for GPS trackers. In many countries/regions, these devices are not licensed for private use because of concerns that criminal gangs will affect police tracking signals.

The jammer can effectively resist drones several kilometers away. Generally, GPS jammers work with drones, and their pilots maintain a certain distance between the drone and the jammer. The farther the drone is from the pilot and the closer it is to the jammer, the better the effect. The typical effective interference direction is about 15 to 30 degrees, protruding toward the front of the spray gun (this is also affected by the RF frequency band and interference power). This interference weapon is also the main direction of weapon research in recent years. It has the effects of high efficiency, less accidental damage and less loss. Currently, the device can disable enemy drones and GPS weapons.

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