GPS systems are threatened by GPS jammers

CAESAREA, Israel, June 25, 2019/PRNewswire/-Wireless security company infiniDome Ltd. held a GPS jamming/self-driving self-driving car deception protection live demonstration at The Centerpiece’s EcoMotion main event on June 11 Future Mobile Conference 2019 EcoMotion Week.

In the demonstration, when the nearby GPS jammer was activated and the navigation function of the self-driving car was deactivated, the BWR self-driving car was running in the conference demonstration center. Then, infiniDome CTO can easily connect to GPSdome protection solutions, and the same autonomous car with the same GPS system can not only detect jamming attacks, but also maintain GPS signals and navigation functions during jamming attacks.

Omer said: “In the live demonstration, we introduced proven solutions to protect GPS-based systems from harassment attacks by major players in the industry, some of which are DRIVE (we are part of TLV’s car accelerator) Key partners,” InfiniDome CEO Sharar. “The competitive advantage of our network solution is that it can retain GPS signals during these attacks. Unlike our competitors, our approach is not only to detect attacks, but also to protect them. We firmly believe that autonomous vehicles cannot be parked nearby. When under attack, the road must continue to drive. “

Moshe Kaplan, chief technology officer of infiniDome, said: “Our GPSdome protection EW (Electronic Warfare) method is a breakthrough in the field of autonomous vehicles.” “We are developing our technology to completely protect autonomous vehicles from the others they rely on. GPS Jammers and spoofing attacks on wireless communications (such as 5.9 GHz (for V2X communications) and its cellular connection to the world).”

Ehud Sharar, president of infiniDome, said: “GPSdome has been field tested and provided to many customers around the world.” “Our commercial product is a technology that will enable the industry to continue to rely on the availability of GPS for navigation, sensor fusion and V2X, Without GPS, these technologies will not work properly.”

infiniDome Ltd. provides front-end network solutions that protect wireless communications from interference and spoofing attacks. The company’s first product, GPSdome, protects GPS-based systems from jammers, which is essential for autonomous vehicles, drones, and connected fleets. GPSdome has proven its value on site and has been sold to customers worldwide.

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