The range of the jammer can be adjusted according to the position of the target signal

In recent years, terrorist attacks have occurred frequently, causing serious damage to the people. Today, the issue of counter-terrorism has been widely discussed, and this is something that people need to pay attention to. We can see that the main means of terrorist attacks is bomb attacks, which have caused huge damage as a cruel and universal means of terrorism. Therefore, an important point in the war against terrorism is to avoid different types, sizes and capabilities of bomb devices. There are many types of bombs. Fortunately, the government also has a special bomb disposal force to deal with these various bombs. However, the most difficult terrorist attack cannot destroy the bomb, but can detect and prevent an explosion. Can you imagine that if you were in the square, that movie would suddenly break down? It is too late, and as for preventive measures, you know that most terrorist attacks are triggered by a simple phone call. Currently, if there is a cheap cell phone jammer near the place where the bomb is installed, you can be sure that nothing will happen because no signal will be transmitted. Military and law enforcement agencies use these jammers.

Mobile phone jammers can only protect mobile phones, walkie-talkies and other communication devices, but will not affect other electronic devices. No need to worry about whether other electronic devices are working properly. Different telephone jammers allow different interference from tens of meters to hundreds of meters in diameter. You can choose a mobile jammer based on your application. Some phone jammers allow multiple interference ranges, and you can also adjust them to an appropriate range based on the location of the application. The interference signal can be used in different places, and the interference range adjustment function can be realized. The mobile jammer is easy to use. Once activated, they can start blocking phone signals within a minute. All you need to do is turn on the power and select the interference range.

This portable multifunctional signal jammer is powerful and is called “portable GPS jammer and 3G 4G all mobile phone obstacles”, then check more detailed information about this mobile phone GPS blocker. A six-band unit designed to meet most signal interference requirements. The affected frequency ranges include CDMA/PCS 1805-960MHz, DCS/PCS 1805 to 1990MHZ, 3G 2110-2170, 4G LTE 725-770MHZ, 4G WIMAX 2345-2400MHz, GPSL1 1570-1580 MHZ. In addition, according to the signal strength of the area, the portable mobile phone GPS signal jammer will effectively block all 2G, 3G, 4G mobile phone signals and GPS L1 frequency bands within 20m. In addition, portable GPS GPS signal jammers are also designed with car chargers, so when car owners need them, they can also use them when they have a portable GPS GPS signal jammer. When needed, you can get the ideal conditions, just choose the best.

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