Jammers can block multiple signal frequencies

There are evidences of hackers stealing data everywhere on the Internet. Recently, the personal information of more than 140 million Americans was stolen during the Equifax data breach. However, now we can take further steps and use top technologies such as signal jammers to protect our information. With the Equifax vulnerability alone, hackers stole social security numbers, birthdays and other extremely sensitive data. This is not an isolated incident. Hackers invade the world in small doses every day, and become more intelligent and perfect with the development of technology. Therefore, for businesses and organizations with sensitive data, it is essential to invest in the additional security of signal cell phone jammer. Even if you think your data is safe after turning off your computer and leaving the office, please think again. Hackers may even no longer need a computer to get online.

Mobile jammers are just like any device. Depending on the brand and model, their functions vary greatly. Basic jammers can only block one of the two frequencies of the phone. It works because it deceives the phone. The phone basically thinks it has no service because it only receives one frequency. More advanced models can block multiple frequencies. Some interfering devices can block multiple frequencies at once, and can even be adjusted to match the exact frequency. Most modern cell phones are affected by cell phone jammers. But you may want to invest in a more advanced model of the jammer. If you have a dual-mode or triple-mode phone that switches between networks, the premium model is a good investment.

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