Jammers used indoors can also block signals

Different environmental impacts are also different. An open area has a larger interference area than an area with more buildings. Therefore, the measured interference radius is usually better than the actual area. Because the test is in an open place. Since the signal may be blocked/interfered by stone walls, the grid will form a Faraday cage (including “fake” lead windows) and metal like tin foil insulators, thereby reducing the reliability of the jammer indoors. In other words, if you use a jammer indoors, the glass may block the signal due to the wall. You may not be able to interfere with the signal in another room. These are several factors that affect the interference radius. Of course, there are other aspects of the impact, such as: B. The temperature of the interference device. In jammer-shop, we provide professional high-quality cell phone jammer. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

This depends on the signal strength at the blocked location. The maximum blocking radius of the signal jammer is 20 meters. This is actually a large area. The most common signal suppressors interfere with one or two frequency bands. High-power jammers will block the highest frequency band of 868MHz. The total output of this device is 15W. The power supply is 50-60 HZ. After fully charged, you can work for a long time. The mobile jammer, AC adapter and 5 antennas are all part of the device. It can also be used in cars. The business manager encountered a new problem. When setting tasks, most employees are “community leaders.” I cannot concentrate on the content of the meeting. To improve efficiency, many companies have installed jammers on their mobile phones. I spent thousands of dollars. I sold a mobile jammer online. According to industry insiders, it may have been installed illegally. At the last meeting, half of employees took notes, but more than 90% of employees were looking at their mobile phones.

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