Mobile phone jammer can block GSM 3G signal

The prison administration of the Montmédy detention facility in Monte is currently conducting an experiment to install wired phones in each cell. Another way that can be used for OIP, and is verified by the general controller for the place of detention: to legalize the use of mobile phones in prisons. The lawyer said: “Authorization and surveillance are better than endless battles.” He specifically mentioned the possibility that detainees can go online to prepare for release. In the context of terrorist threats, although imprisonment seems to have become a catalyst for the radicalization of some people, the Justice Department does not seem to be inclined to such a solution. The plan announced by the former Attorney General Jean-Jacques Urvoas in October last year to ensure that prisons are part of the fight against terrorism, the plan not only popularizes the interference signals of high-tech mobile phones, but also strengthens the area The deployment of 210 agents in the intervention team before searching the target area was improved. It also provided 22 computer experts specializing in computer searches for prisoners’ computers.

Based on the intended purpose, you can determine whether a mobile cell phone jammer is the right choice. If you just want to block annoying or endless calls in public places, you only need to order a cell phone jammer to block GSM 3G signals. Or, if you want to not only block phone calls, but also block the cellular network and the WiFi frequency of the mobile phone to get rid of the ignorant bastards sitting at the dining table in the restaurant, you need to look for a mobile phone jammer that can be GSM, 3G can block once​​​ 4G WiFi frequency.

In this way, the choice of jammer becomes very easy. Finally, choose a portable or desktop jammer. Of course, this is not difficult-you can choose a handheld or desktop cell phone jammer, depending on how long you want to put it into operation and the interference range you want to reach. Jammers are used in many different situations. In order to find the best solution to meet your requirements, we provide a series of jammers for every possible application. However, there are too many wireless technologies in use today, and we can help you achieve your goals with the best combination of frequency bands to meet your needs. All combinations and adjustments are possible. Just send us your request and we will recommend it to you. We can design a system that suits you. Our production is very flexible, and we can accept a large number of orders in a short period of time without any loss of quality. All our products have undergone aging tests after production, and we only provide 100% functional jammers.

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