Cell phone jammer to prevent the security of cell phone information

If regulators are keen to build jammers, they believe this is not the only solution for using cell phones in prisons. The CGT representative said: “In the prison environment, the particularity of technology is very specific. We must not confuse the information of the prison administration, individuals and neighbors.” The exit of the visiting room is systematically arranged and larger around the center Increase security in the area to avoid projections wrapped on the surrounding walls. Therefore, the discussion about setting up human interference will hide the broad debate about communication in detention. According to OIP, “in most cases” prisoners use mobile phones to communicate with relatives. Marie Crétenot said: “If we don’t consider the introduction of mobile phones in prisons, we will not be able to solve the current problem.” For prisoners, mobile phones can enable them to contact relatives when they are not at work or school: The use of phone booths in the prison is only allowed before 5.30pm.

GUWAHATI: It is recommended to use mobile cell phone jammer to prevent mobile phones from disrupting the test of the state’s subsequent XII level exams, which may cause obstacles, and all high school education committee (AHSEC) funding restrictions continue to improve the technical support of the test center. In recent years, following the emergence of mobile phone questionnaires in the State Council’s X-level and XII-level examinations, the committee has planned to use jammers, especially in sensitive test centers. “In the subsequent twelfth type of State Council review, the final decision on the use of jammers will only be made at the upcoming board meeting. If funds permit, jammers will be installed in some sensitive test centers. However, given that Due to the restrictions of the fund, the use of jammers is very likely to be restricted. That year, more than two Lakh candidates took the State Council’s XII level exams from 826 test centers, and 21 test centers (mainly located in remote areas) were evaluated. As sensitive.

Most of the time, some of our customers choose the wrong cell phone jammer when ordering. Therefore, if we suspect that a customer has ordered the wrong item, we send them an email to check and confirm how often they want to block. Some customers say they are not familiar with this aspect. Or others even said that they ordered cell phone jammers based on appearance, compactness or other characteristics. To be honest, choosing the right cell phone jammer is not as difficult as you think. Otherwise, we don’t have to be a professional or knowledgeable person in the field to find a quality jammer that can meet our needs. Before ordering a jammer, you should check its specifications, which usually display a list of frequencies of interference. For example, if a mobile phone jammer can block GSM/CDMA 3G frequencies, it means that normal phone calls can be blocked. If the GSM/CDMA 3G 4G frequency is listed in the specification, this jammer helps block ordinary phones and 4G frequencies that are mainly used for cellular networks (for mobile web access, IP phones, game services, high-definition mobile TV) , Video conferencing and 3D TV etc.)

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