Telephone jammer interrupts wireless signal to detonate explosive device

In the United States, a prison guard said he needed more tools to fight criminals. According to statistics, from 2018 to 2019, as many as 5,000 illegal criminals were caused by mobile phones and drones. However, the detention facility can hardly handle these crimes. It is difficult for you to use criminals to catch their phones in prison. Not to mention drones that keep flying. In order to correct this situation, Sterling said that he needs to take strong action to solve this phenomenon. As a result, he finally chose a signal jammer. This device may interfere with signals from mobile phones and drones, but we cannot fully guarantee the safety of a machine. We need to improve our sense of security so that although we may encounter problems in the future, we can calm and resolve them.

This is why Russia’s UAV jammers and its new “special forces” anti-UAVs do not necessarily pose a threat to the survival of U.S. military UAVs. Russian GPS signal jammers may have difficulty finding targets. A former U.S. drone developer who asked not to be named said: “Unless you know when and where they are, it seems difficult to do it.” The latest GPS Jammers mobile phone portable wireless router can detect wireless routers and Block the function of the wireless router, and further improve the local area network (LAN) detection in the new version of the wireless router. At present, it is prohibited to use the wireless router to search for accurate local area network (LAN) wireless router software at home; at the same time, it also strengthen Testing mobile phones and tablets in a wireless local area network environment to discover the local area network functions of the local area network can effectively make the wireless router prohibit mobile phones and functions. The touchpad on the wireless router to the Internet. The earth has blocked mobile phones, tablets, mobile Internet devices and other devices from accessing wireless local area networks.

Interference is not always effective for drone radio signals. The difference between drones and “remote control” aircraft is that they can fly independently at predetermined coordinates. The fastest drone can reach speeds of 150 miles per hour (240 kilometers) per hour, which is too fast for a human pilot using another drone. Controlling signal jammers and navigation signals should be an effective way to disable drone jammers-working within a fixed radius, should not be a target, and should have other non-destructive advantages-this allows drones to be captured and reused, making people Machine confusion. It can prevent drones from detecting and interfering with radio frequencies. Another bad option is to use radio signals between the drone and its ground station to identify the location of the ground station, and then detonate it in the air or with gunfire. Kobe showed the driver a seat, and they agreed that this seemed like a problem. But when they tried to warn the team, they realized they couldn’t do it. The phone jammer in the jammer activated its radio jammer to interrupt the phone signal used to detonate the explosive device.

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