A mobile phone jammer is a device that transmits signals at the same frequency

From games to YouTube’s latest hits, employees browsing mobile entertainment have also become a problem. And it is almost impossible to monitor something so small and easy to hide. I am often confused by the idea of ​​installing mobile cell phone jammer devices in my business, but of course, for business purposes, I rely more and more on it. Maybe I am part of the problem. Cell phones are a useful tool, but over time, I find them more and more annoying. That brings me to the problem I found when I was on AIMExpo. The first day was not bad, but as time passed, I found that many of the booths were occupied by individual employees who were always willing to introduce you to their latest and greatest products. However, by the next day, I found that many of them were texting someone on their mobile phones (to be honest, they could have texted a potential customer for a big order, but I doubt it) and Honey watched the cat video. Or some exciting suckers. I entered the booth several times, read the whole booth, picked up or touched a few items, some of which might be sold in my shop, but the operator of that booth was busy checking the phone screen and closing all the items to do more than talking to me important things. I always leave without violating your privacy. I swear I could have taken away thousands of dollars of products, and they didn’t know until they packaged it.

A GSM jammer or cell phone jammer is a device that transmits signals at the same frequency as the GSM system. If the mobile phone is disabled in the area where the jammer is located, the jamming is successful. Communication jammers were first developed and used by the military. When a tactical commander uses RF communication to control his army, the enemy will become interested in this communication. This interest comes from the basic domain that refuses to successfully transmit information from the sender to the receiver. Nowadays, as the number of mobile phone users increases the need to disable mobile phones in certain areas where mobile phone ringtones are annoying, mobile jamming devices or mobile phone jamming software are becoming civilian products rather than electronic warfare devices. These places include places of worship, university lecture halls, libraries, concert halls, conference rooms and other places where silence is important. The range will vary, but in most cases, the person who needs to call can simply walk out of the classroom and make the call without disturbing others. In an emergency or between two lectures, all signals can be restored immediately by simply turning off the device. A simple jammer does not need an overly powerful jammer, it can disable students’ mobile phones in a small classroom. In a small room, you can use a portable jammer that looks like an ordinary cell phone.

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