Cell phone jammers may interfere with other call quality

The intensity of interference effects may vary greatly due to many factors, such as the distance from the tower, indoor and outdoor environments, the presence of buildings and landscapes, and even temperature and humidity all play an important role. People are worried that a roughly designed cell phone jammer may interfere with the operation of medical equipment such as pacemakers. However, like mobile phones, the most commonly used devices run at low enough power (<1W) to avoid problems. In this device, we overwhelm the mobile phone signal with a stronger signal. This type of device is equipped with several independent oscillators with “glitches” that can block the frequencies used by the paging device and the control channels of the cellular/PCS system call facility. When such devices are active in a specific area, they will prevent (through RF interference) all pagers and cell phones in that area from receiving and sending calls. This type of equipment only transmits interference signals and has very poor frequency selectivity, which causes interference to the communication spectrum beyond initial expectations. Technical expert Jim Mahan (Jim Mahan) said: “There are two types. One is called brute force interference, it just blocks everything. The problem is that the air waves are washed by electricity and enter the public address area. The other can be eliminated. With a small amount of interference, you can limit it to a single cell. You can use many small pockets with small burrs to control the facility.”

By exploiting network vulnerabilities to turn your mobile phone into a distracting device and disrupt small city networks, only twelve calls are required. Researchers have found a way to make ordinary mobile phones. In some cases, jammers may interfere with other calls, such as BB in a movie theater, classroom or meeting room. Phone calls are prohibited in some places. Cell phone jammers will be installed in prisons to prevent prisoners from claiming to be prisons. This “trouble” is not suitable for personal use, expensive and low energy consumption. Because they prevent emergency calls, they also pose security risks. Now, computer scientists have shown that even business phones can be changed due to software changes. The team led by the Institute of Software Technology and the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science exchanged software on mobile phones and took advantage of their weaknesses in the GSM radio standard. Computer scientists presented their research results at a security seminar and will develop an electronic device that can suppress cell phone signals.

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