Desktop jammers can block telephone communication for a long time

As far as we know, your phone has been infected with the Android.SendSMS Trojan horse application, and you have downloaded and installed the application along with the game. This is a fairly common method of spreading these viruses and exploiting vulnerabilities in modern smartphones. The main goal of this malicious application is to send SMS to a short phone number. In this way, all your money is gone, and part of this money goes to the evil elements that created the virus. We are providing you with some recovery suggestions. First, please try to check the permissions of the Angry Birds app you have installed. You may have allowed it to send text messages and dial phone numbers. If so, please withdraw them. The other step is to uninstall the application. Also check the antivirus applications in Google Play, there are many of them. Most of them are familiar with these Android viruses and Android.SendSMS, and will use cell phone jammer to stop it if they appear again.

This seems to be a very worrying issue because we recently wrote an article about mobile phone attacks, and your mobile device seems to be under attack. There are two possibilities for these things to happen. The first one-you just left your phone number on an unreliable site, it has been in the hands of spammers, or someone tried to perform a DdoS-like attack to permanently block your call. You should check if you can make calls when the SMS spam rate is highest. If there are a lot of numbers to send you these messages, then simple blacklist blocking will not really work. Jammer-Shop recommends that you replace the SIM card and the mobile device itself. Now we will tell you why. You should know that your mobile device not only sends out information about your phone number, but also sends out information about IMEI. This is the reason why replacing the SIM card does not help, because your IMEI remains the same and those criminals will know your new phone number

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