System jammers will stop such explosive devices

In movies, dramas, restaurant meals and even church services, the annoying ringing of mobile phones will soon become a thing of the past. The federal government will announce tomorrow that a 90-day consultation period will begin in April to solicit Canadians’ opinions on the use of silencers on mobile phones. These devices are called cell phone jammer and combine a series of technologies that can be deactivated when the phone is turned on, or automatically switch from sound mode to vibration mode during a call. Jammers are illegal in Canada. In addition to being used by law enforcement and security officials, it may be popular among operators of restaurants, movie theaters and other large public gatherings. They may also be useful in areas where cell phones and walkie-talkies may pose a threat to public safety, such as offices. B. At airports where wireless signals may interfere with communications. They may also affect the operation of hospital equipment such as incubators, defibrillators and heart monitors.

In order to stop coordinating the actions of the demonstrators, the authorities shut down all cellular communications throughout the city. A few hours later, it was updated again, but in crowded places such as Tahrir Square and other turbulent centers in Cairo, jammers were deployed to target local global mobile communications frequency interference systems. Due to the use of the Global Mobile Communications Interference System, the coordination of demonstration groups via mobile phones became impractical, and the deterioration of the situation on the territory of Cairo stopped. In addition, the use of radio bombs made it impossible for more protesters to use cell phone jammers. The signal from the mobile phone will activate some bombs, and the Global Mobile Communications System jammer will prevent the successful use of such explosive devices.

The members of the jammer welt company commented on the situation of the jammer equipment in the Global System for Mobile Communications in Cairo: “This is the original development goal of the GSM jammer. The police first used jamming equipment in the equipment under various circumstances. To stop certain radio waves.” He also confirmed that a large number of GSM jammers were held in Cairo before the start of the new wave of protests. In view of such an important demand for locking tools, the Jammer Welt company in Cairo has developed a GM20 cell phone jammer dedicated to devices. This powerful new generation of mobile phone jammer can interfere with all global cellular communications, WiFi, code division multiple access and Bluetooth signal systems in a large range, so it can avoid these waves from sweeping.

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