Wi-Fi signal jammer blocks all wireless networks around you

We have seen this tweet, and we can tell you a few words in this regard. First of all, we really believe that there is no hacking at all, and no one can access the personal data of customers on these servers. We believe that Verizon’s official statement is correct, and the overall situation is the error of some third-party marketing companies. You should know that Verizon’s servers are well protected and can be easily hacked. You will be able to store some data in it and connect the device via Wi-Fi. This is convenient, although it will definitely affect your battery. Many people worry about whether they can connect to the Internet when connected to Wi-Drive. It may be because the device has Wi-Fi bypass, but the Internet connection speed will be much lower than usual. The only problem is that the device uses a vulnerable Wi-Fi connection.

Wi-Drive uses 802.11n Wi-Fi connection. After accessing the setup network interface, you can choose between WEP or WPA encryption protocol for Wi-Drive connection, and you can also set a password. But you should be aware that WEP and WPA encryption protocols are somewhat outdated and can be cracked. Therefore, your data and smartphone may be at risk. If you want to protect your data, we recommend that you use a bluetooth jammers. It will definitely block all wireless networks around you.

But you should be aware that if you use the services of this provider, some personal information may be threatened. You should know that Verizon has adjusted its privacy policy, and now the company has the right to sell your information to advertisers, including your approximate coordinates, web browsing history and searches, your interests and hobbies. This information is collected through the A-GPS system, which uses the GPS module of the smartphone to determine your location and triangulates your location between the nearest cell phone towers. In fact, all information shared by Verizon has been aggregated and eliminated. Therefore, it is impossible to determine that this information belongs to you.

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