GPS jammer can block the GPS signal on the phone

The business manager encountered a new problem. When setting tasks, most employees are “community leaders.” I cannot concentrate on the content of the meeting. In order to improve efficiency, many companies have installed cell phone jammers. Spend thousands of dollars. I sold mobile jammers online. According to industry insiders, it may have been installed illegally. At the last meeting, half of employees took notes, but more than 90% of employees were looking at their mobile phones. I encountered a new problem at the private reception. I am worried about “meeting bow syndrome”. Many company senior managers and supervisors have been transferred to treat the common “meeting depression”. Except for regulations that do not allow mobile phones. According to reports, signal jammers are also used. According to the information received from the computer department, please make sure to purchase a WiFi jammer. Fully accept a week’s work within a limited time of 1-2 hours.

To be precise, it is guilty to install a GPS device on another person’s car, post on the Internet that they are monitoring their behavior and put it in a state where the victim can know it. “Isn’t it guilty to install GPS devices?” In fact, the current law does not penalize the installation of GPS devices in cars, etc. GPS Jammers At this time, the GPS jammer plays a role. One day it will interfere with the GPS placed in your body, so that the GPS cannot detect the signal. Therefore, people with a heart will obtain your location information, which can protect themselves by preventing They happen. I think it is very necessary to buy a female radio jammer. Moreover, it is a small cell phone and the price is not high.

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