GPS jammer intercepted the victim’s car lock remotely

The police said the suspect went to shopping centers, parking lots, leisure centers and other public places, where they wandered in the parking lot and remotely intercepted the victim’s car lock with a GPS jammer. In this way, they can use the vehicle to steal valuables and money and lock it. Mr. Adu Anim said that the suspects have confirmed to the police that they will travel to Ghana as tourists in April 2019 and May 2019. They will leave on January 6 this year, staying at a hotel in Adjiringanor and renting a Toyota Corolla Luxury cars participate in the event. Until they lost their luck and were arrested. When they were arrested, the police found two electronic GPS Jammers from the suspect. The regional police commander advised the public to pay attention to criminals wandering in the parking lot and check their car doors to ensure that they are properly locked before parking. He also urged people not to leave valuables in the car.

Presumably, the same perpetrator has successfully encountered three other addresses before. In a house in Ommegangsdreef, some small jewelry was stolen. The owner recently bought a house and has not moved into the new house. The house has not been renovated yet. At the back of the house, the police found that the office window was broken and opened. The perpetrator probably used a sturdy screwdriver to force the window open. On Tuesday afternoon, residents of De Morgenster discovered that the house had been broken into. The thief broke the garden wire and broke the kitchen window. All windows on the first floor are open. Presumably, if they were caught, they would be able to flee immediately. The thief finally found the spare key for the Fiat 500 in the garage and took the car away. You can simply open garage doors and automatic doors using the remote control in the car. They also stole some jewelry. Eventually, a break-in also occurred in a house in Lentelaan, which was previously used as a second house. Here, the perpetrator also entered through a window on the first floor. All the closets were searched, but they were not stolen here

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