Where should mobile jammers be used?

If you hold an emergency meeting and you don’t want anyone to participate in unwanted calls or messages during that important meeting, you can use cell phone jammer technology. This technology allows people to avoid calls and text messages without turning off their phones. Activating the technology will directly block the signal from the base station, making it impossible for the person to use the phone to communicate with other people.

Although many people think that installing jammers in schools is not a solution, children can access the Internet in several other places, including open Wi-Fi areas at home and in the city, but some people think it is a good choice. Young children are not mature enough to use the Internet properly. Sometimes, out of curiosity or peer pressure, they may be exposed to content they shouldn’t receive. Installing jammers is a very good idea so that no one will make such mistakes.

Where are the commonly used jammers?

This applies to police, bomb disposal units, VIP protection personnel, SWAT, military security units, bomb units, counter-terrorism units, drug control units, border control units, checkpoint personnel, etc. Those types of law enforcement personnel will benefit greatly from the deployment of the latest portable RF interference solutions that can execute law enforcement processes more effectively to reduce the possibility of criminals leaking information.

The mobile phone was confiscated 1, 2, 3, 4 blocks and high security block 1. Two months ago, a GPS jammer for mobile phones was installed in the prison. It is said that 72 mobile phone cases were registered last year, but there have been 64 cases this year.

This means that all smuggled calls in the facility will be quickly identified. In addition, it is relatively easy to create a list of allowed phones (owned by security guards, office workers, etc.) and transfer calls from these devices to the communication network. Or, you need to ask exactly why the security guard needs to call during work.

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