Cell phone jammers against criminal gangs

GSM is the abbreviation of Global System for Mobile Communications and is the most widely used digital wireless telephone technology in the world. The protocol describing the 2G cellular network is a standard. The protocol uses a base station to generate a stable electromagnetic field radio frequency signal to relay information. When a magnetic field in the metal occurs, an interference signal will be generated. Lubetz can be detected and recorded the interference signal. Using the Doppler effect and triangulation method, the precise coordinates of the target can be determined by analyzing the signal changes recorded by the base station. Once the target is captured and determined by Roubaix, the data is sent to the surveillance center through the GSM network, including the Defense Management Center of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the command and control center of the Russian Space Iraq Air Defense System. Rubezh’s “comprehensive innovation” is the low cost of the system. Russia has more than 250,000 cellular base stations that can be used, and the network continues to expand, which will greatly improve the capabilities of Russian air defense missiles and save more cost early warning radars.

Russia’s latest technology will be used in a wide range of fields (mainly in the field of military defense) and will greatly improve its air defense capabilities. In addition, it will be used for other surveillance applications, such as drone rescue, which will become an important research site. So far, the development and wide application of unmanned aerial vehicles has made it very important. Drone rescue and drone delivery have been used in many countries/regions of the world, and this tracking technology can better provide better accuracy for these operations. The use of GSM network and tracking technology is also likely to be tracked by many major criminal gangs, so avoiding such tracking is likely to require the use of basic mobile cell phone jammer, portable design will be more convenient, follow-up actions for you.

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