Mobile jammers often appear in meeting rooms

The most widely used mobile phone standard today is our gsm global mobile communication system. GSM standard equipment accounts for more than 80% of the current global cellular mobile communication equipment market. It is widely used, and perhaps we are most familiar with the use of mobile phones. Yes, phone calls and text messages rely on gsm to provide stable network data types. But the gsm network is far more than what we know. The gsm module is one of the directions that many electronics manufacturers are familiar with and carefully researched. It is used in many areas of life, but we do not understand. General access control security system, GSM network car security system and robots have been applied to gsm modules. GSM also supports indoor coverage. The power of the outdoor antenna can be distributed to the indoor antenna distribution system through the power divider. This is a typical configuration scheme to meet the high-density call requirements common in shopping malls and airports in the home. Indoor coverage can also be achieved through wireless signals in buildings, but this can improve signal quality to reduce interference and echo.

If the phone’s ringtone interrupts the speaker’s thinking at an important meeting, it will upset him and distract participants. It is impolite to have a mobile phone in a meeting room with important ringing. Therefore, in many meetings before the prompt, the mobile phone will be turned off or set to mute. Many companies are not allowed to bring mobile phones to the conference during this period. The era sees mobile phones, and the prohibition of using mobile phones will become increasingly clear. If you are in a meeting, how often do you hear the phone ringing during the meeting? I think you will be as angry as I am, dissatisfied with this behavior, and even scold the owner of the phone. This is an unfortunate ending, not what we want to see. In order to avoid such unpleasant results, it is necessary to use a mobile cell phone jammer in the meeting room. Using it in the meeting room has many advantages. As you can see above, it is forbidden to appear uncivilized. This is not only prohibiting cell phone ringtones, but also prohibiting the use of cell phones during this period.

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