Mobile phone jammers are mostly used to block signals

Last week, after a series of arrests in Ombillo, Ombillo station chief Cole Teddy Munusami congratulated the officers. The Ombillo SAPS station chief praised the police’s good arrests in the area during the past week. In an incident on November 3, three men were arrested in a warehouse on Williams Road in Umbilo. Commenting on the case, Captain Pumzile Makaula of Umbilo SAPS said that the National Intervention Agency, the Criminal Intelligence and Tactical Response Team had arrested two suspects at around 4 pm, and they had cell phone jammer equipment.

“It is believed that the warehouse at Williams Road belongs to one of the suspects. The third suspect was arrested for bribery. It is believed that the suspect attempted to bribe the police with large sums of money. She said the suspect was connected to other cases. In the two cases, Umbilo crime prevention officers conducted a raid on Sydney Road near King Edward Hospital on November 4 and arrested men arrested for illegal possession of firearms, ammunition and dangerous weapons.

“During the parking and search operations, the police searched four people walking on the street. A pistol with a magazine and four bullets was found on one of the men. Markula said: “In another An air gun and two knives were found on the man. “She said that the gun was registered with Mr. Engebo. His address was unknown at the time and there were no reports of the gun being stolen. The suspect was analyzed to link it to other cases in the area.

In another case, at around 8pm on November 3, Umbilo crime prevention officers were told to break in at the intersection of Dalton Road and Windy Street. “The video shows that 20 suspects, 9 women, 3 men, were arrested at the Dalton Hotel. The goods were recovered and returned to the rightful owner,” Markkula said. She said the police are investigating a theft and theft.

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