WiFi jammer device has WiFi function

The Bathinda police have proposed to equip their traffic police with WiFi camera. The police have even begun to build control rooms and will soon order the purchase of 100 such cameras, which will cost them 3.2 million rupees. Since this wifi jammer device has WiFi enabled, the recorded clips will be streamed to the main control room in real time, and the unedited records will be used as evidence of dispute. These cameras are used to collect evidence and record conversations with the public when challenges are issued.

To make the system more transparent, the camera that will be part of your uniform will also record every conversation between the traffic police (on duty) and the driver. As a pilot project, the traffic police will purchase about 100 such cameras and will test them on site throughout the city. The camera is equipped with a system in which the recorded clips are transmitted to the main control room in real time. The Bathinda Police Department also plans to add jammers to the equipment to prevent traffic offenders from making calls to influence his influence.

Dr. Bathinda SSP’s Nanak Singh said: “We are working on a proposal to provide the city’s traffic police with built-in cameras that can install WiFi.” SSP added that 100 cameras will be purchased initially at a price of approximately Rs 32. It takes about three to four months to launch in the city. SSP also said it will buy high-quality cameras. “In addition, we are planning to connect a wifi jammer to the device so that the driver cannot get rid of the phone without paying a fee. Generally, it can be observed that traffic police who prevent violations from trying to call VIPs or politically influential And ask the police to talk to them. This can even stop political interference when challenging the offender.

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