Mobile jammers can be used by the general public

Nowadays, the equipment and electronics expertise of this kind of equipment is developing. Use new technology. In many countries, deterrence is widely used for security. Government agencies and prisons may also use it. You can increase safety awareness. Mobile cell phone jammer can also be used by the general public. Control phone signals in a specific environment. The jammer may have a built-in battery, so the jammer may take up to 3-5 hours. With versatility. When the signal jammer of the mobile phone is turned on, the nearby mobile phone cannot work normally. The small size makes it easy to hide. When turning the power on/off, some indicators are working. You can set interference for different frequencies. Do you want to buy high-quality, low-cost GPS anti-jamming? You can get this feature through

GPS jammers are so sensitive that they are even accidentally blocked. In one case, the VHF/UHF TV antenna preamplifier on Monterey Bay, California produced no less than three separate interference signals. The signal strength of the preamplifier is sufficient to completely block the GPS within a radius of one kilometer at sea level. The author of the report speculates that if a similar signal source is sent using an omnidirectional antenna, it may interfere with aviation GPS receivers within 50 kilometers.

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