Mobile phone signal jammer with high power output

The goal of frequency jammers is very clear and simple: to prevent communication on certain frequencies. However, since it is not easy to prevent the device from communicating with other devices, the solution to prevent such information transmission is very simple, similar to a DDoS attack: noise is introduced at a specified frequency, and useless information will saturate the tape to prevent it from arriving Real information. Signal jammers can be used to interfere with various types of communications or devices from cellular networks, radar, Bluetooth, GPS, infrared, etc. Despite its wide range of uses, all suppressors are simple. They are based on a circuit that has an oscillator to generate a signal, a noise generator, an amplifier stage to provide enough power for the signal, and finally one or more antennas to transmit the signal generated by the card.

As we all know, prisons are facing new challenges. Criminals control efforts to control and evade prison activities. You must exert a strong deterrent against the prison. You can block the transmission of Wi-Fi signals. This high-power GPS Jammers can be up to 150m long. Can be used directly. Reasonable quotas are required during the installation process. You cannot use your mobile phone in special places to prevent it from happening in important places (such as prisons). Use high-power, ultra-efficient military mobile phone signal jammer. Designed with high power output. Meet the requirements of outdoor and indoor use. With shockproof function. Can walk. Help maintain the required security.

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