Mobile jammers improve work efficiency

The Global System for Mobile Communications is the GSM frequency band that we need to discuss on this page. The Global System for Mobile Communications is currently the most widely used mobile phone standard. The GSM network is also the daily call of our 2g network. It is our earliest basic mobile phone basic services such as voice calls and frequency text messages. Smart phones are developed based on the signal frequency. With the development of signal networks, GSM was replaced by 3g and 4g signals. Because 3g and 4g have the advantages of being faster and faster, the GSM utilization rate on the market gradually decreases and decreases.

You need a quiet working environment. I called me during the meeting and got into trouble. I don’t like the sound of cellphone crying. In order to provide a resting environment for the office, some countermeasures need to be designed. The use of equipment outside the range of the radio signal is a measure. Many employees spend a lot of time on mobile phones at work. It is necessary to install a mobile cell phone jammer in the office. I manage employees as my boss. It is difficult to improve efficiency. In order to improve the efficiency of employees, employees are required not to use mobile phones. According to the signal strength of the designated area, it can be turned off up to 30 meters. If you don’t want to affect other areas, you can use this adjustable function to adjust the cut-off radius.

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