The development of mobile phone jammers is accompanied by the development of communication technology

This is a question you should consider today. You may ask me: Why should I worry about this? In answer to your question, I want to say that although this does not seem to be a problem (for example, related to texting while driving), this topic is becoming more and more popular these days. This is why I invite you to think deeply and consider various options. You also provide cell phone jammer to choose from. There is no law prohibiting texting while walking. But a town called Fort Lee in New Jersey almost passed such a law. In the end, the law was not approved, and some state pedestrian safety plans were launched in March because of two fatal pedestrian crashes in Fort Lee in February this year. In addition, 117 pedestrians were fined for using crosswalks without using or using mobile phones.

Because the working principle of the jammer is to protect the mobile phone by interfering with the mobile phone signal of the designated frequency band, as long as the receiving and transmitting frequency of the mobile phone can be changed, the mobile phone jammer can only protect the mobile phone signal of 900-1800MHZ, and the mobile phone accepts the transmission. The frequency of 850-1900MHZ is much larger than the shielding range of the mobile phone jammer. As long as the receiving and sending frequency is high, the maximum volume of the mobile phone is adjusted to the maximum in the mobile phone settings, and the signal of the mobile phone can be received normally. Method This method has higher requirements on the mobile phone and the environment, but the effect is the best, and it is the most concealed, as long as the mobile phone must have access to the wireless Internet wifi and there must be a wireless network available. After finding and successfully using the mobile phone to connect to an available wireless network, even if the mobile phone has no signal, it can still browse the Internet without traffic. The development of telephone wiretapping and mobile phone jammers has been accompanied by the development of communication technology. With the emergence of new communication technologies, new signal frequency bands have also appeared. No matter what quantity or frequency band is used, it is impossible to crack and avoid signal interference, because no matter what quantity or frequency band is used, it is within its shielding range.

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