Cell phone interference makes the classroom quiet

With the popularity of smart phones, more and more children are beginning to enjoy mobile messaging and various types of social activities. This is a national and international issue. Both children and adults use crutches. No action seems to be taken to stop them.

So Liptak thought he was just interfering with her. As WTSP-TV reported, he used a cell phone jammer device, and suddenly the classroom was silent. Well, relatively peaceful.

Can students use mobile phones in the classroom? Some parents may think that children need to use mobile phones to deal with possible dangerous situations.

But how can schools use mobile phones with confidence? The principal of a school in Philadelphia recently tried to explain to parents that their school just took phones from children who never stopped using them and kept them for several weeks. The parents were not impressed. Like every day, we use many electronic devices, which is a problem. When we use 4G mobile phones, we need an interfering 4G mobile phone.

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