Mobile jammer is used to block other sounds in the meeting

As George Orwell explained, the bureaucracy gave two speeches in this way, which is a very ominous reason. But why ask this question, why is this device full of things that should be “glitches”, and only shut down after reporters and representatives protested loudly in the room? At 5:47 pm, I went to the press room and found that the phone was blocked. The call was not only blocked around 7:10 in the evening. It attracted the attention of small parties, who shut down the device until members of the opposition parliament pointed out to President Barre Kamubet that such intervention was unconstitutional. So far, most ANC members seem to pay less attention to our right to freedom of speech, and perhaps not yet.

US law enforcement agencies have made more than 1.3 million phone registration requests to mobile operator customers. In addition, these requirements are increasing based on information gathered by Congress’s investigation of cell phone surveillance. On Monday, we released data on nine wireless operators on behalf of Ed Markey. It shows the number of record requests for all mobile phones in 2011, but there are also phone records that were cell phone jammer by mobile phones. Law enforcement agencies and companies do not need to report these requirements, so they perform the process of investigating and disseminating data accounting. Last month, Massachusetts Democrat Edward Maki wrote to nine mobile operators asking them to provide data on the number and scope of these requests.

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