Mobile phone jammers have directional sensing capabilities

With the increase in interference and interference from marine environments around the world, Hexagon | NovAtel is honored to introduce GAJT-410MS (the latest product of its proven anti-jamming TGPS (GAJT) technology) to the commercial and defense marine market. This SWaP model (small size, light weight, low power) can protect civil and military operations from interference and interference, and provide interference directional function to better understand the marine environment.

Both benign and malicious cell phone jammer pose challenges for civil and military operations. Commercial marine applications such as shipping, oil tankers and bulk carriers are threatened by interference with their navigation and network security. Without a safe location, these ships may deviate from course and endanger the ship, crew and cargo. In offshore marine applications such as surveying, construction, and piloting, reliable positioning is required for uninterrupted operation in crowded waterways and RF environments. Reduce interference and determine the direction of interference to enhance situational awareness and ensure that users can safely locate,


GAJT-410MS provides dynamic protection for GPS L1 and L2 frequency bands and Galileo E1, QZSS L1 and L2 and SBAS L1 frequency bands to resist intentional and unintentional mobile phone jammers. If the ship is interfered, the direction-finding function of the device can enhance its situational awareness in the HF environment in order to identify and locate the GPS signal source. This commercial standard solution without ITAR is easy to install or retrofit in existing fleets and provides a safe PNT for continuous operations, network security and safe navigation at sea.

He said: “With more and more global threats from interference and sabotage, safe navigation and network security defenses are becoming more and more important for transporting users.” Hexagon Autonomy and Positioning Division Marine Portfolio Manager David Russell. “GAJT-410MS is an anti-jamming solution that protects ships from interference and interference to ensure that your application can run continuously anytime and anywhere. With GAJT, your location, navigation and time will be protected and protected. “

GAJT-410MS is the latest version of NovAtel’s proven high-performance anti-jamming products. It contains flexible installation options, cell phone jammers and directional features to enhance situational awareness.

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