Thanks to the Internet, thieves are now particularly familiar with the various store theft techniques and processes used to combat commercial security systems. Online sales sites such as Amazon and AliExpress even allow them to buy guns directly, which may disrupt the store’s anti-theft system. This is especially true for… Continue Reading Will mobile phone jammers affect our daily lives?

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As thieves are getting smarter, AES has decided to expand its range of anti-theft accessories. In fact, new store theft techniques appear every day, which is why security professionals must continue to innovate. This is why we now provide an anti-jamming system with acousto-magnetic technology in each of our anti-theft… Continue Reading Can cell phone jammers prevent thieves?

No matter what method is used to buy a mobile phone jammer, you must carefully read the specific instructions and understand the corresponding parameters to know what signal the mobile cell phone jammer is blocking. The situation is different for each device. Everyone can pay more attention to the actual content, and… Continue Reading Cell phone jammers can effectively avoid cell phone signals

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