Can cell phone jammers prevent thieves?

As thieves are getting smarter, AES has decided to expand its range of anti-theft accessories. In fact, new store theft techniques appear every day, which is why security professionals must continue to innovate. This is why we now provide an anti-jamming system with acousto-magnetic technology in each of our anti-theft gantry cranes.

In real life, many units will encounter some problems when using mobile cell phone jammer. For example, the same musical instrument has different effects in different places. Some effects are strong, but some effects are not ideal. This difference is actually a combination of multiple factors. The key is that there are some problems in the installation process, which will lead to deviations in the shielding effect. So what details should be paid attention to when installing a mobile phone signal jammer in Beijing? If you have a certain research on the principle of the signal shielding instrument, you will know a situation, that is, its signal emission is radiated from all directions, the longer the distance, the worse the effect. This determines that when we install mobile phone signal jammers in Beijing, the installation height is very important. If the installation height is too low, the shielding effect will be greatly reduced. Judging from the experience of many units for many years, generally speaking, a good effect can be achieved only when the installation is above 1.8 meters.

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