Mobile phone jammers protect the confidentiality of information

Advanced technology has brought convenience to mankind. Since the transmitting power of the mobile communication base station is very large, the closer to the base station, the worse the shielding effect. In foreign countries, mobile phone signal jammers are not new. In the past two years, it has been listed on the Chinese market. This kind of mobile cell phone jammer is installed in some places in the classroom to prevent cheating. However, for more citizens, the abuse of such devices will damage their freedom of communication. When using, the mobile phone jammer must be on the ground. Follow the instructions to use. You can buy with confidence. All products have passed the rating and certification of the National Security Technology Center. Suppress cell phone signal. Effectively protect your information. Smart phones have advantages and disadvantages. This smart phone jammer can meet your confidentiality requirements.

Accounting class

When holding a high-tech conference, it can protect the cell phone signals in the venue from being intercepted. You need to be careful not to disclose information. We ensure areas where confidentiality can be maintained and information can be managed effectively. Can achieve the purpose of shielding mobile phone signals. Mobile phone jammers can ensure the effectiveness of information management. We can provide services that meet the needs of information management. Bluetooth jammers are versatile. You can easily block Bluetooth and UHF signals. You don’t have to buy a cell phone jammer for 3 signals. Mobile phone signal jammers are very popular. The high output of 15 watts is designed according to the signal strength of the area. The shielding distance of the multifunctional signal jammer can be up to 50 meters. After prolonged use, the mobile phone jammer will become hot. Will it damage the device itself? You don’t need to worry about this. Mobile jammers are used in classrooms, conference rooms, homes and theaters.

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