Does cell phone jammer affect your health?

In places such as concert halls, the consent of mobile phones and other users must be obtained to prevent communications. The installation location is “concert hall, theater, theater”, but the name of the facility does not determine whether the license is granted, the purpose of the performance at the location where the experimental test station is set up, and the content judgment. For example, museums and libraries are generally places where you need to stay calm, so the establishment of radio stations is not allowed. Licensees of the experimental test station can be managers of concert halls, theaters and theaters, radio equipment manufacturers, and mobile phone operators. I’m talking about the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. If you don’t follow the law, you can use it when you need it, and you won’t abuse it. After all, cell phone jammer have many advantages. Of course, under the premise of complying with the law, everything is not within reach.

According to the Xiamen Evening News, at 10:30 last Tuesday night, Mr. Sheng Guan had already completed his name, and the boarding students of Xiangzhong Cuo Middle School found that there was no signal. The students recalled the idea that the “white box” placed in the dormitory of the school a few days ago was a “mobile signal jammer”. Since the mobile phone jammer is only separated from the student’s bed, many students and parents are concerned about the impact of mobile phone jammer on their health. The neighbor middle school student inside told reporters that after the teacher started working at 10:00 every night, the name of the mobile phone jammer, the student’s mobile phone had no signal, and the emergency call function could not be used. It would only be restored at 7 or 8 the next day. As for the radiation problem, the school installed a destructive public bidding for the installation of mobile phones, and the purchased products passed the national quality inspection and met the safety standards. The scope of impact is limited to the dormitory area and does not affect surrounding residents. I also called a radiation test, and the results showed that the radiation is very low and does not affect health.

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