Cell phone jammers can save lives

If your phone is hacked or infected with a virus, it will be easier to find. We recommend always checking the authorization of Android users, as many applications require base station tracking authorization. Finally, once the coordinates of the nearest cell phone tower are known-using the signal power from each cell phone tower, it is not difficult to calculate the location of the phone between the three nearest cell phone towers. In addition, you should know that the data transmission speed on a normal GSM or CDMA network gives criminals the opportunity to update the data every 10-15 seconds, so it is almost real-time tracking.

Despite such obvious complexity, this base station tracking technology is quite common and popular because it allows tracking all mobile phones, regardless of whether they have GPS or GLONASS modules. Unfortunately, there is no way to ensure that no one will try to use this type of tracking on you. The only way to protect yourself is to use a good cell phone jammer, which will not let your mobile device connect to the base station. Unfortunately, even if you are about to turn off Your smartphone, it can still be tracked or turned on. Many people willingly put their private information at risk. They share via social networks and smartphones, and use unencrypted protocols to transmit over the Internet. This is why we or our readers always say that the security of their private information is their concern, and no one can protect it unless they at least do something about it. It is easy to protect your information, but one day it may even save your life!

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