GPS jammer can protect vehicle privacy

There are dozens of hundreds of styles of positioning and tracking functions in the market, such as wired gps positioning trackers, wireless positioning trackers, oil and power-off positioning trackers, anti-GPS locators, strong magnetic locators, wireless positioning trackers, electronic fence positioning and many more. Borch Space-Time GPS signal jammer tracks the above characteristics and researches and develops a dedicated GPS jammer for mortgage car pickup based on the basic principles of the locator. The dedicated GPS Jammers in the mortgage car garage can effectively prevent the car from being tracked by positioning on the road. After effective shielding The positioning signal disappears, and the vehicle cannot be located, so as to protect the privacy of the vehicle.

GPS signals are the same as cell phone signals and are easily interfered by electronic devices. GPS jammers can shield all signals within a certain range, causing all communication devices in the range to lose their signals. Installing a GPS locator on the car allows car owners to easily find their car on the GPS monitoring platform. However, such a good thing has also been found flaws by criminals. As long as you buy a GPS jammer on a certain treasure, you are stealing the car. When you turn it on, there is no signal on the car, and the car is offline on the platform, as if it is missing, no matter how you can find it

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