GPS jammer guarantees the safety of people

The signal jammer can indeed shield the GPS signal, but it has drawbacks. It will shield all the signals on the car! In other words, it is impossible for a car thief to use mobile phones and other communication equipment around the car. If he cannot find out and destroy the GPS device, he can only turn on the GPS Jammers forever, otherwise, sooner or later, his whereabouts will be exposed; Don’t be afraid if he uses a signal detector to find GPS, as long as you choose the right device, make sure he can’t detect it! In order to ensure the communication safety of the people, Guangxi Mobile has paid close attention to the strong interference phenomenon of communication base stations in recent years. This phenomenon is mainly manifested in that multiple base stations are continuously interfered for 24 hours, and a large number of users’ mobile phones cannot be used normally.


When buying and using a mortgage car, it is best to be equipped with a GPS jammer within a certain period of time. Especially the friends of car dealers who collect the car and buy the mortgage car, that is to say, once you receive the car, you can turn on the GPS signal jammer and put one in the car, and one in the trunk! Driving the GPS jammer can ensure that you have no worries during the return journey. However, the jammer cannot be turned on 24 hours a day, so after safely arriving at your site, you must find a professional person to investigate the GPS by yourself. At the same time, install a GPS positioning device and a concealed lock, key change and other security mistakes in case of mistakes.

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