Mobile jammers can avoid cheating in exams

A global IT security infrastructure survey by the Ponemon Institute found that 83% of organizations around the world believe that the complexity of the organization makes them the most risky. Employees cannot meet the demands of the business because they are too difficult to produce, and policies affect their ability to work the way they like. It’s no surprise that shadow IT is on the rise, because employees can do their jobs more easily. Employees put data on their devices, which means that important company information can be accessed from any laptop, mobile phone, or tablet sitting at a desk or coffee shop. 87% of respondents said that data assets continue to increase, putting more information at risk. Because if you don’t care about it, hackers can access your laptop. Therefore, many companies are using cell phone jammer to prevent the theft of confidential information in certain important areas.

Cheating on exams is a very common problem in the world. It seems that students have learned to cheat during exams. With the rapid development of technology, such as spy earplugs, MP3 players, surfing the Internet, using the phone to ask friends, etc. We can see that more and more electronic devices are being used to cheat in investigations. In order to deal with these cheating devices, mobile phone jammers that can shield mobile phone signals and wireless signals can be used as an effective tool. Mobile phone jammers disable these devices so that students cannot use them to cheat. Now in China, mobile phone jammers have been used in important regular exams to prevent students from cheating in exams. The following product is one of the models.

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