Mobile phone jammer prohibits camera

Most junior high school and college students now have their own mobile cell phone jammer devices. I think we are in the era of mobile Internet. With high-tech communication equipment, you can understand and deepen your understanding of the outside world, and the convenience of communication will increase. The problem is here, so you may need a cell phone jammer. This is a useful tool. However, sometimes I encounter other people’s troubles. I yelled to protect my etiquette, but I did not thoroughly. Mobile phone signal interference can solve this problem. Install it to fix the shield. This is a widely used portable jammer. Very suitable for offices and shops. Used in theaters, hospitals, military districts and areas where the use of mobile phones is prohibited.

In fact, this may be a company we are already familiar with. Especially because I am already talking about a specific technology. For example, at the end of last year, Apple applied for a patent for a new technology that can be used to easily deactivate the iPhone’s camera by pointing the infrared sensor at the camera. Developed to prevent film copyright infringement. However, even the general public can use it in advance. Todd Morris, founder and CEO of surveillance and counter-surveillance company BrickHouse Security, said there are already some early technologies that can protect people from deliberate recording. For example, every woman can use the wireless camera detector in the locker room to see if there are hidden cameras on her clothes. Yes, this happens often.

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