Mobile jammer used in meetings

The state believes that the production and use of mobile phone jammers are becoming more and more common, and the national party and government departments and security departments have installed and used mobile cell phone jammer in important meetings and safe places. There are more than 100 general college entrance examination questions nationwide every year. There are dozens of people in our province who print the college entrance examination papers each year, and the whole process has to block their mobile phones, which lasts as long as a month.

The use of mobile phones is not only prohibited at gas stations, but also in many public places. It may also be banned in some private places. We have heard of the use of cell phone jammers in schools and cell phone jammers in prisons to shut down cell phone signals and protect prisons. Where is the meeting room? Have you seen such an example? As people rely on mobile phones more and more, many companies have begun to install adjustable equipment in meeting rooms. Mobile phone jammers are held at the meeting. Adjust the interference range of the meeting room. This will not only affect the normal use of the outside world, but also provide an environment for the meeting.

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